Tens of Thika families left homeless as heavy downpour wreaks havoc, sweeps Kisii estate

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On Wed, 1 Dec, 2021 15:26 | 2 mins read
Flooding in Kisii Estate, Thika Town. PHOTO/MATHEW NDUNG'U.

Several families in Kisii estate in Thika, Kiambu County will be forced to seek alternative areas to shelter after heavy rain wreaked havoc in the area, flooding their homes.

The heavy downpour that has been witnessed in the area for the last few days have destroyed properties worth millions of shillings.

Residents now blame political leaders for their misfortunes noting that flooding in the area is a perennial crisis they ought to have addressed a long time ago.

According to them, poor and old drainage systems are the major cause of flooding in the area. They said that they filled several complaints to both the National and County governments to address the issue but all have fallen on death ears.

The residents said that floods have dealt them a huge blow and they are now counting losses as it was washed away most of their household items and destroyed their businesses.

They also claimed that movements to and from their house have also become a problem as the rainwater has flooded the roads.

“It’s sad that the government knows our situation but is doing less to help us. We have visited many offices including those of local leaders trying to seek help but they only make fake promises,” Catherine Wangari, a resident said.

“Most of our businesses are now flooded and items therein destroyed. We have lost stock and can not even open the stalls to salvage what has remained,” Charles Njuguna, another local added.

Following the floods, the residents how fear that they might contract various diseases including waterborne diseases such as Typhoid and Bilharzia.

They also claimed that cases of Arthritic have been on the rise due to the severe cold in the area.

Parents also noted that the rains have also interfered with the education of their children as they (the children) are forced to skip school as they are unable to wade through the raging waters to their schools.

To solve the problem, the residents have vowed to fundraise to enable them to construct modern drainage systems.

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