Teen mum allegedly impregnated by nephew arrested after selling baby for Sh3,000 in Butere

By Carolyn Necheza On Wed, 27 May, 2020 11:15 | < 1 min read
Assistant Chief Hesbon Ndube at the village where a teenager mum allegedly sold off her newborn baby for Sh3,000. PHOTO | CAROLYN NECHEZA

A 17-year-old teenager, her mother and another woman are in police custody after allegedly selling the teenager’s newborn baby for Sh3,000.

The teenage mother, who is a Form Two student in a Butere school, had been living with her mother at Butere town after being chased away from her father’s home.

The father reportedly kicked the girl out of his home after discovering the pregnancy, saying that children born out of incestuous relationships are not accepted by the community.

He alleged that the girl was impregnated by her nephew, who is much older than her.

However, elders in the Butere village condemned the incident and said that such children undergo cleansing as opposed to being killed or chased away.

The teenager’s mother claimed that her estranged husband wanted the child murdered.

Further, the woman said that she is destitute and cannot afford to take care of her grandchild and was left with no option but to seek a buyer.

The local, chief, Hesbon Ndube, also condemned the incident assuring residents that justice will be served.

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