TECNO mobile’s Mission CAMissionKE gears up for season 2 finale

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On Wed, 15 Dec, 2021 11:09 | 2 mins read

The Mediamax digital team got invited to one of the behind-the-scenes makings of the largest photography competition in Kenya yet dubbed CAMissionKE by TECNO mobile. CAMissionKE Season 2 of the program began on November 8th, 2021, and will continue until December 16th,2021 where submissions shall close. 15 top participants are normally selected every week and invited to an exciting offline activity courtesy of the CAMON 18.

These 15 are picked from the online submissions based on their creativity. Top three are picked from each lot of 15. Kenyan creatives come forward and show the hidden treasure in Kenya through photography; be it in travel and sceneries, selfies, portraits, and urban life that stands out.

The CAMission boot camp gives these creatives a chance to learn more about the TECNO CAMON 18 photography and video shooting capabilities thanks to its gimbal stabilizing feature and camera prowess. The judges, The Magunga and Joy Kendi, both known for their passion for photography take their time and analyse all projects brought forth scrutinizing each so as to get the best of the best. The show comprises two permanent judges and a guest judge for every training session as well as a mentor who is Nick Mutuma.

Each training session has a theme; Portrait, Food, Fashion & Lifestyle, Creative, and Sports photography respectively.

In the training session, contestants are tasked to complete a photography challenge. They are then ranked according to how well they were able to complete the challenge, and the weakest contestant is eliminated. The contestants then use the new TECNO CAMON 18 Premier to complete the challenges.

The final offline event will be the Grand finale event which will be hosted by AntoNeo Soul. This will be attended by the top three from each of the previous three sessions comprising of 15 in each session. A total of nine people finalists will battle it out at the finale.

The judges will consider individual creativity displayed by our photographers at the CAMission boot camp. Three contestants will be the grand winners who will walk away with the TECNO CAMON 18 Premier each. The ultimate winner will get the device plus sh 100,000, second place gets sh 50,000, and the third place will get sh 25,000.

There are a lot of prizes to be won by engaging with the #CAMissionKE by TECNO CAMON 18 on the hashtag #CAMissionKE and  #Everymomentcounts.

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