Tears in Ruai after drunkard mistaken for thief, beaten to death

By , K24 Digital
On Fri, 23 Jul, 2021 12:33 | 2 mins read
Police probe murder of truck d river killed along Thika road.
Police probe murder of truck d river killed along Thika road. PHOTO/Internet

Police in Ruai, Nairobi are investigating the death of John Wambugu Waithera who was murdered in a case of mistaken identity .

According to sources close to K24 Digital, Wambugu had an accident several months ago which caused him a lapse in memory.

The deceased was still recovering from memory loss when he relapsed and went back to alcoholism.

On the day he met his death Wambugu is said to have got himself stiff drunk in changaa dens along River Ruai before he blacked out and slept along the same river for a better part of the afternoon.

According to eyewitnesses, when Wambugu, regained consciousness at around 7pm he set for to his house which was about 3 kilometers behind Ruai Police Station.

After a long search for his way home coupled with the burden of drunkenness' and memory loss, Wambugu stumbled into rentals said to be similar in appearance to his rented single room behind Josnah Academy in Njiru.

Police say that was when he mistakenly tried to open the door of female tenant who raised alarm that quickly brought together a mob which pounced on Wambugu without interrogation, descending on him with kicks, blows and blunt objects beating him to death after mistaking him for a thief.

After fearing Wambugu was dead they dragged the body about two hundred meters away from the rentals and dumped it on the road side before fleeing from the scene.

Wambugu's sudden disappearance had caused distress among his friends and family who organised a search party for their kin.

After a thorough search, Wambugu's friends and family found out that he died at the hands of a mob justice who mistook him for a thief. .

James Munga Waithaka a close friend to Wambugu described the deceased as a humble man who had his fare share of a struggle with alcoholism adding that Wambugu was not a thief.

The family led by his brother Michael Maina is seeking for justice for Wambugu who's sole mistake according to them was confusing another tenants house for his.

Police say they have two suspects in their custody who are assisting them in investigations.

Police had produced the two before a Makadara Court for a miscellaneous application and a magistrate granted the officers 10 more days to continue with investigations before they produce them for a plea.