I am employed as CEO – Tabitha Karanja denies owning Keroche breweries

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On Tue, 24 May, 2022 16:44 | 2 mins read
Tabitha Karanja during a previous press meeting PHOTO/ CapitalFm
Tabitha Karanja during a previous press meeting PHOTO/ COURTESY
Tabitha Karanja during a previous press meeting PHOTO/ COURTESY

Keroche Breweries CEO Tabitha Karanja Keroche now says she does not own the company.

Karanja's sentiments come in response to a petition filed by a Nakuru politician seeking to block her from contesting for the Nakuru senatorial seat.

Reason for Petition

In the petition filed by Daniel Mahiri, who was Karanja's main challenger in the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) nominations, Karanja is not fit to hold public office owing to her prolonged cases with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).

Mahiri also argued that the evasion of taxes contradict her ability to clear the debt adding that she has failed the integrity test.

"Tax evasion is a crime like any other and when an individual opts to accept the offence, it does not take away the crime. Whereas the respondent agreed to own up to some unremitted taxes after she was prosecuted it does not take away the fact that she is guilty of the crime," he argued.

Tabitha Karanja Responds

In her response to the petitioner, Ms. Karanja argued that she did not own the company but was working as an employee.

“I am employed by Keroche Breweries Limited as a Director and CEO but I am not the owner of the company as alleged by the petitioner,” the businesswoman stated in the response filed through Kabugu and Company Advocates.

While admitting that the company had pending tax cases with the taxman, Karanja castigated Mahiri terming him as a loser who had selfish interests for personal gains.

Keroche Breweries owners Tabitha Karanja and husband Joseph Karanja when they launched a new beer in July 2019.

She further acknowledged that despite ongoing negotiations with KRA, she was a stranger to the admission of tax liability as claimed by Mahiri.

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