4 suspects arrested over gruesome murder of 83-year-old granny in Murang’a

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On Wed, 2 Nov, 2022 10:02 | 2 mins read
20-year-old man arrested over gruesome murder of granny in Murang'a
A photo collage of the 20-year-old suspect and the house where the 83-year-old woman was found dead. PHOTO/DCI/Twitter

Police officers in Murang'a have arrested four suspects, including a 20-year-old man, in connection with gruesome murder of an 83-year-old granny whose lifeless body was discovered at her house hours after her murder in Kagundu-ini village.

The young man, who is the prime suspect in the murder of Pauline Wanjiku, was arrested in Waithaka, Dagorreti, Nairobi, after forensic analysis of the crime scene.

Detectives recovered an electric cooker stolen from the deceased in the suspect’s hideout while a television set was recovered from a second suspect identified as Wilkister Awuor, who admitted to having bought it from the suspect at Ksh5,000.

Similarly, police say, the deceased’s phone was also recovered from a third suspect identified as Mercy Kadenge, who bought it from the suspect at Ksh600.

Clearly, and as affirmed by the police, Wanjiku's attackers had not only taken her life but also stolen her valuables.

"The officers established that the house had been ransacked and a 32" television, electric jiko and mobile phone all belonging to the deceased were missing.

"All that was left behind was a kiondo (basket) containing the deceased’s foodstuff, which she had bought the previous evening at the local shopping centre 300m away for her evening meal," DCI said.

Witness account

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the lifeless body of Pauline Wanjiku was on October 24 found sprawled on her sofa by concerned villagers who broke into her house after she failed to respond to their endless calls.

A neighbour identified as Alice Wanjiku was the first to notice that something was a miss.

The woman, who had not seen the granny, visited her house at around 6:00 pm and tried to call her but there was no response.

The neighbour noticed that the kitchen door had been left ajar while the door leading to the living room was locked from outside.


DCI said the woman checked Wanjiku's backyard but couldn't find her. She called a few other neighbours who broke into the main house where they found the lifeless body of the elderly woman lying lifeless on her sofa with her hands tied together on her back and a headscarf hanging loosely on her frail neck and blood oozing from her mouth.

"Immediately, the neighbours alerted police officers based at Kabati police station who rushed to the scene," DCI said.

Preliminary investigations have established that the deceased lived alone and would occasionally be visited by her grandson Eric Wanyoike, who lives in the city and who had also bought her the stolen household items.

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