Suspected child serial killer Masten Wanjala escapes from police station

By , K24 Digital
On Wed, 13 Oct, 2021 13:04 | 2 mins read
Suspected serial killer Masten Wanjala. PHOTO/COURTESY

Suspected serial killer Masten Wanjala has escaped from Jogoo Road Police Station.

It remains unclear how he managed to escape from the station which is highly guarded.

This has emerged after he failed to turn up in court where he was expected to appear in connection to the murder of 12 children.

A police source has told K24 Digital that the 25-year-old has escaped from the station and already a manhunt had been launched with the aim of arresting him.

“Everyone was shocked when it turned out that Wanjala was nowhere to be seen and immediately officers were dispatched to check around on his whereabouts,” our source spoke in confidence as they are not authorised to speak to the media.

Wanjala is a known bloodthirsty vampire who confessed to detectives attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) that he had single-handedly ended the life of 12 children.

He said that he used to suck the blood from the veins of his victims before he murdered them.

The suspect operated in the counties of Machakos, Nairobi and Bungoma which is his home town where left a trail of painful deaths.

The last time he was seen in public was on August 16 when he was produced at the Makadara Law Courts in Nairobi County.

During the investigations after he was arrested by the police, the suspect gave a blow-to-blow account of how he murdered minors.

Police managed to recover three bodies and Wanjala confessed to having been behind the deaths.

In a statement by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) the ears of some of the victims had been cut off and others had completely decomposed.

It is believed that Wanjala was also using witchcraft in his killing endeavours since he documented by date all the children he had executed.

Wanjala even provided police with a book that detailed his executions which were described as painful and gruesome.

Asked how he managed to kill the 12 with so much ease, he told the police that he used to lure them to isolated places, then used a stupefying substance on them before killing and sucking their blood.

He used to ask the victims to drink some chemical or inhale a white powder which stupefied them instantly and made his work easier.

He shocked homicide detectives when he told them that he enjoyed killing people and drinking their blood and was never remorseful of his actions.

According to detectives, the suspect first ended the life of a minor when he was only aged 16. The first minor to die in his hands was identified as Purity Maweu, 12 and was the only female victim.

When he was 20, the suspect also killed a boy identified as Aron, 13 in Kimilili within Bungoma County. The killing of Aron also saw angry residents torch the home of a man they mistakenly thought had killed the minor.

He also said that he takes a certain concoction that drives him to commit the murders.