Al-Shabaab militants killed ‘their own’ in Dadajabulla attack

By Zadock Angira On Wed, 30 Oct, 2019 09:06 | < 1 min read
The US Embassy in Kenya has issued a terror alert, saying a terrorist group could be plotting an attack against a major hotel in Nairobi. [PHOTO | FILE]
Al-Shabaab militants. PHOTO | FILE

Al-Shabaab militants who attacked Dadajabulla police post in Wajir County seems to have targeted “their own” who had been arrested earlier on Tuesday.

The militants killed the two terror suspects who were being held in the police post’s cells in the Tuesday night raid.

All the 16 police officers at police post have been accounted for.

Two officers sustained injuries during the attack and arrangements have been made for specialised treatment.

According to the police report, one officer was shot in the hip and the other has a bullet lodged in his stomach.

Police have also launched operation to hunt the attackers who killed two people were held in custody at the police post.

The identities of those killed by the militants have not yet been established.

Police said the attackers struck at about 8pm, taking advantage of heavy rains pounding the area.

“The unknown number of attackers were shouting in Somali words…It was dark and the officers dispersed in different directions from the camp and exchange of fire ensued,” said Habaswen OCS David Tanui.

The police post is about 13km from the Somalia border.

Additional Reporting by Musa Bashir.

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