Suspect who robbed Asian couple in Bungoma, bombed two cars with IED shot dead: PHOTOS

By John Makuba On Wed, 1 Apr, 2020 13:25 | 2 mins read
bombed cars
One of the cars that was damaged by an IED in Bungoma during a robbery incident. PHOTO | JOHN MAKUBA

Police have revealed that the suspect who robbed an Asian couple of Sh30,000 at their home in Bungoma and bombed two cars with improvised explosive devices (IED) was a former General Service Unit (GSU) officer.

His personal identification documents were found on him after he was shot dead on Tuesday, March 31, in Bungoma town outside Kenya Power offices.

According to the police, the 26-year-old man had accessed the couple’s home in Bungoma and robbed them of cash.

However, his escape was short-lived as the police tracked him down less than 24 hours after robbing the family of at least Sh30,000.

Alleged ex-GSU man who was shot dead over a violent robbery in Bungoma. PHOTO | JOHN MAKUBA

During the robbery that took place on Monday, March 30, the ex-GSU man broke into the house where he found a woman inside. As he escaped after robbing her, he was confronted at the door by the woman’s husband. He immediately brandished a toy gun at the man who immediately realised it was not real pistol.

The robber is said to have panicked and then exploded an improvised explosive device that damaged two cars but his victim was not injured.

Toy gun and other devices found on the suspect after he was shot dead. PHOTO | JOHN MAKUBA

When police tracked down on Tuesday, the man took off and brandished a pistol but was gunned down.

They found on him security personnel, national ID and NHIF cards bearing the name of Victor Lubakya Nganga.


According to the documents, the suspect was born in Bungoma South.

According to a Facebook account bearing his name, the suspect went to Friends School Kimugui Boys before joining the police service.

The man is said to have operated with six mobile phone SIM cards before he met his death while coming from a bar in Bungoma town.

Police believe that the suspect must have abandoned his government jobs two years ago based on information shared on his Facebook account on November 13, 2018, saying “Retirement at Fort Jesus, Mombasa”.

A check on his photo gallery reveals a man who has trained with the National Youth Service as well as the Kenya Police Service. One of his photos shows him putting on a red beret that is synonymous with the fanya fujo uone boys

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