Stepfather who hit 12-year-old daughter on the head with slasher charged

By Sheila Mutua On Tue, 27 Apr, 2021 21:18 | 2 mins read
Fredrick Mapei at Milimani Law courts Nairobi. Photo: Sheila Mutua k24 digital

A stepfather in Nairobi who hit his 12yr old stepdaughter on the head with a slasher for failing to baby sit his step-brother has been charged with two counts of cruety to a child and asssult by causing actual body harm.

31-year-old Fredrick Mapei was arraigned before Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi on Tuesday, 27 April. Particulars of the offence are that in April 20, 2021 at Kibagare slums in Westlands Nairobi, Moipei assaulted the girl by hitting her with a slasher on the head as the girl’s mother watched.

According to police report the accused person is living together with the complainant, her mother and her young brother aged 3yrs.

In April 20 the complainant who was playing with her friends was called by her mother who asked her on the whereabouts of her brother and she replied that she left him playing outside.

The stepfather who was sharpening his slasher followed her inside the house and started beating her with the slasher therefore occasioning a deep cut on the girls’ head and another cut on her right little finger where she bled profusely from.

Her mother who was in another room while the stepfather was beating her told the girl to clean the blood and go to her aunt in Kangemi or else her step father would continue beating her.

Instead the girl went to her friend’s house where her friend’s mother reported the matter to the chief upon seeing the girl bleeding.

The area chief then informed police officers who came rescued the child and took her to Nairobi West Hospital for treatment and later to Spring Valley Police Station to record a statement.

The mother of the child who is 37 yrs old in her statement says she received a call from neighbours that her daughter was bleeding, she claims she was at shamba buying vegetables.

She claims she immediately came back and found her daughter been carried by neighbor’s while bleeding on the head ,she says she went inside the house to change her clothes and followed them to Kangemi only to find that the neighbors took her daughter to Nairobi Women Hospital.

Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi has ordered the accused to be charged in a children’s court

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