State prosecutor beaten up by touts, drivers for questioning non-stop matatu hooting in Umoja

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 14 Aug, 2021 13:03 | < 1 min read
Peter Muia allegedly assaulted by Omoinner Matatu Sacco operators. PHOTO: K24 Digital.

A Senior State Prosecutor stationed at Milimani Law Courts is nursing wounds after he was clobbered by Omoinor Matatu Sacco Operators on Friday, August 13, at Jeska Stage around Innercore in Nairobi.

Prosecutor Peter Muia was ambushed by 10 drivers and touts who operate the matatu after he questioned them why they hoot non-stop causing pollution to the residents of the area.

"It was dramatic. I'm traumatized and in pain. My lips and tongue are swollen and I have a red-eye. My whole face is swollen after the incident," he said.

Peter, who is a resident of the area had complained to the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) in Nairobi who allegedly declined to hear his grievances claiming Nairobi Metropolitan has the Jurisdiction to handle the matter.

With other area residents, they went to the Nairobi Metropolitan to seek help concerning the noise pollution caused by the Omoinor Sacco Matatu operating in the area for over a year.

“We did not get the assistance we needed from the metropolitan so we proceeded to face the chairman of the Omoinor Sacco," Peter said. 

"To our dismay, the chairman confided to us that the operators had already bribed the PPO in that area not to take action concerning the noise pollution in Jeska," he lamented.

The prosecutor added that those who assaulted him told him to his face that they are untouchable and that the matatu will continue hooting despite complaints by the area residents.