Sonko denies leaking Mary Lincoln’s nudes as claims emerge that he was on video call with her

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Sonko denies leaking Mary Lincoln's nudes as claims emerge that he was on video call with her
Sonko juxtaposed with Mary Lincoln. PHOTOS/Courtesy.

Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has denied claims that he is the man to who gospel singer Mary Lincoln was sending her nudes.

Questions have been asked about the identity of the mysterious 'rich man' who was on the other end of a video call with a completely naked Mary Lincoln.

Blogger Martha Mwihaki Hinga, who leaked Mary's nudes, claimed that the singer was sending her nudes to a wealthy man who was to pay her Ksh35,000 rent at an apartment along Kiambu road.

TikToker Sue Gacambi (@thesuegacambi) came out to claim that Sonko is the mystery rich man in the sex video with Mary Lincoln and that he is the one who leaked her nudes.

Sue noted that Sonko's habit of leaking women's nudes makes him the key suspect in Mary Lincoln's sex video going public.

"Me I think Mary Lincoln alikua ametumia picha zake Sonko. Wee unafikiria aje? Mimi I think alikua ametumia Sonko. Sonko ni yeye ako na tabia za kuanika madem nyonyo, madem wenye wako uchi. Sonko ni yeye anakuanga na hio kazi ya kuanika madem, nyonyo za madem. Mimi nafikiria, me am thinking Sonko ako na hizo picha. Mi nafikira Sonko ni yeye alimseti akapost hizo picha," Sue said in a TikTok video.

The TikToker, however, noted the whole truth would be known when Martha Hinga comes back from their vacation.

"Lakini tutajua tu. Martha Hinga akirudi kutoka vacation tutajua tu," she added.

@thesuegacambi @Mary Lincon 🙏 ♬ original sound - TheSueGacambi

It wasn't me

Mike Sonko while responding to Sue's allegation denied that he was the one who leaked Mary Lincoln's nudes.

The former Nairobi governor claimed he doesn't even know Mary Lincoln.

"Aki mnapenda kunionea mimi I was just chilling them boom jina Sonko… Hata sijui huyu dame 🤔," Sonko tweeted.

Sonko leaked Merry Nkatha's nudes

Sue suspected Sonko leaked Mary Lincoln's nudes because the former Nairobi governor leaked Merry Nkatha's nudes back in November 2021.

Nkatha revealed damning graft allegations against former Nairobi Governor Ann Kananu, lawyer Cecil Miller and High Court Judge Said Chitembwe.

She claimed Sonko had been seeking to have her as his witness in two cases against Kananu and Justice Saidi Chitembwe among others.

Sonko allegedly threatened to release Nkatha's sex tape to the public if she didn't do as he demanded of her.

Sonko eventually released Nkatha's sex video.

In the video, Nkatha is heard telling Sonko that she wanted to show him her boobs as she sat in a public place.

Sonko asked her to show him her titties but expressed worries she could be seen on a CCTV at the place which looked like a bar.

Nkatha brushed off Sonko's fear and went on to show him her boob, licked it seductively a bit before she pulled it back into her bra.

Sonko cheered Nkatha after she showed him her breast. He further asked her to show him her private part but she did not.

Below is an excerpt of Sonko and Nkatha's conversation in the leaked sex video:

Nkatha: Wacha nikuonyeshe matiti (Let me show you my boobs).

Sonko: Ebu fungua (show me).

Nkatha: Ebu nione (Let me see [how she would show her boobs to Sonko]).

Sonko: Si utaonekana kwa CCTV naona kuna camera hapo juu. (You will be seen on CCTV I can see there is a camera behind you.)

Nkatha: Kwani inaonyesha, inaogopwa na nani? (Is it really working, I don't fear [to be seen on CCTV]).

Sonko: Aya fungua basi nione. (Ok then show me).

Nkatha then pulls out one of her breasts from the bra and shows it to Sonko.

Sonko: Aiiiiiii hii ni tamu sana inakaa. (It looks so sweet).

Nkatha then licks and caresses her boobs as Sonko watches.

Sonko: Inua skirt, inua suruali…. hehehe wewe ni hatari. (Pull up the panty, pull up the skirt. You are so dangerous).

Nkatha then laughs and pulls back the breast into her bra.

Merry Nkatha. PHOTO/Courtesy.

After Sonko leaked Nkatha's sex video, she came out to allege that she was blocked and kidnapped in Karen by people she knows. She claimed that the kidnappers then made a call to Sonko and responded to ready-made questions.

Nkatha further said that Sonko then recorded her while she was kidnapped. She claimed that the kidnappers gave her chocolate to eat which was "meant to make her relax".

Nkatha's sex video went viral on social media.

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