Sioni nikioa before 65 years- Eric Omondi speaks on his marriage plans, says it kills talents

By , K24 Digital
On Wed, 11 Aug, 2021 20:58 | 2 mins read
Comedian Eric Omondi. PHOTO/Courtesy

The self-christened president of African comedy Eric Omondi now says he will not marry until he reaches 65 years of age.

Speaking to online content creator Eve Mungai, Omondi said he is focused on his career first before settling in marriage.

According to the comedian, marriage requires a lot of commitment and at the same time, he says, kills talents.

He says he has lots of things that he needs to achieve first before contemplating marriage.

Sio ati sitaki kuoa. Kuna vitu nataka kuachieve before nioe. Niko tuu kwa kona ya kuziachieve, naziona tuu kwa umbali, so sitaki kuinterrupt hiyo process. (It is not that I don’t want to marry. There things I am almost achieving and I don’t want to be interrupted by marriage),” he said.

“Marriage requires a lot of commitment and regular communication. What I am doing now requires a lot of focus and I just feel like marriage requires that you give a lot of energy and time and currently I cannot multitask. All my attention needs to be on my career now,” he added.

The former Churchill Show comedian further revealed that all of his fellow comedians who were at the peak of their career lost their artistic mojo once they committed to marriage.

He opines that marriage kills talent because most of the time an artist is required to sacrifice a lot of things that can take his career to the next level.

Citing his controversial Wife Material show, Omondi says the idea would not have seen the light of the day if had been married.

Before 65 sioni nikioa... I think marriage has failed, all the artists wenye wameoa wamego down, very sad. All, not some. Sometimes I wake up na nikiongea na God naona I am still here, still relevant juu sijaoa. It is a very sad statement,” he said.

“When I was dating, I had an idea of doing a wife material show. If I married, I could not have done it,” Omondi stated.