Foreign Affairs PS Sing’Oei recalls his last conversation with deceased climber Cheruiyot

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On Thu, 23 May, 2024 15:57 | 2 mins read
Foreign Affairs PS Korir PHOTO/ Screengrab by K24 Digital /(@SingoeiAKorir) / X
Foreign Affairs PS Korir PHOTO/@SingoeiAKorir/X

Kenyan mountaineer Cheruiyot Kirui was confirmed dead on Mt Everest. His body was found a few meters below the summit point. 

Many Kenyans and fellow adventurers have sent their messages of condolence to Kirui’s family, many applauding his courage.

Message of condolence

Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary, Korir Sing'Oei shared his heartfelt message of condolence, noting that he was disappointed upon learning the news of Kirui’s demise.

Climber Cheruiyot Kirui PHOTO/ PRINT
Climber Cheruiyot Kirui PHOTO/ PRINT

PS Korir said that Kirui had passed by his office before he left for his summit in Nepal.

“Really gutted by this news. Kirui my friend and banker at KCB passed by my office before he left for Nepal on this adventure.” Korir said.

In his statement, Korir mentioned that he had been following Kirui’s journey of adventure, and he was impressed by his fearless spirit that represented his Kenyan nature.

“I have been following his exploits until this unfortunate end. He is a fearless, audacious spirit, and represents the indomitable will of many Kenyans. We shall miss him,” Korir added.

Kirui wanted to summit Mt. Everest for the umpteenth time, but this was a different adventure as he was trying to push his body to attempt the climb with no oxygen.

“Rescuers from Seven Summit Treks discovered the body of Cheruiyot Kirui from a few metres below the summit point of Mt Everest,” Base camp officials said.

The summit of Mount Everest is located in the "Death Zone," where oxygen levels are critically low. It includes the Hillary Step, a vertical rock face climbed with fixed ropes. It is a bottleneck as only one person can ascend at a time.

Climber Cheruiyot Kirui, moments before his summit. PHOTO/ Screengrab by K24 Digital/ (@cheruiyot_ak) / Instagram
Climber Cheruiyot Kirui, moments before his summit. PHOTO/ Screengrab by K24 Digital/ (@cheruiyot_ak) / Instagram

Summiting Mt. Everest

The fate of Nawang Sherpa, who was with Kirui in the death zone, is still unknown. Kirui went out of contact following his attempt to scale Everest without supplemental oxygen.

"Nawang had last communicated with the base camp officials from Bishop Rock that Kirui refused to return and even consume bottled oxygen but showed abnormal behaviour," they said.

As a result of altitude sickness, another Nepali climber died above Camp IV on Wednesday, expedition organizers said.

"Binod Babu Bastakoti from Pokhara died at around 8,300m, just above Camp IV, after suffering from illness while descending the summit point," the officials added.