Siaya: Parents warned to avoid wearing skimpy clothes while visiting students in schools

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On Thu, 16 Mar, 2023 21:32 | 2 mins read
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Siaya County Director of Education Leonard Kabaki has warned parents against 'skimpy' dressing while dropping and picking up their children at schools.

Kabaki, who was reacting to Bishop Okoth Mbaga secondary school deputy Principal Judith Awino's directive to parents on school playground etiquette, asked parents not to dress 'too skimpy' while doing the school drop off and pick up.

"We have some parents who are very negligent. Parents should be good role models. You have been told about dressing code and negative comments on social platforms targeting teachers.

“Wearing clothes that are too skimpy is not setting a good example and so any parent visiting students in schools must make a good choice of their clothes. Parents need to show a good example of standards of dress.”

“The relationship between the parent and a school should be that of a man and his in-laws, whether the in-laws are wrong there is nothing you can do as a man, you have to accept it just is it,” he said.

Kabaki further warned parents against making negative comments about their children's schools on social media.

“Never should you go on social media or mainstream with issues of the school. The parents can either reach my office or face the school and iron out issues."

Earlier, Bishop Okoth Mbaga secondary school deputy Principal Judith Awino lamented that some parents had been showing up in school in miniskirts, low-cut tops and pyjamas.

“We are happy that the majority of parents have attended today’s AGM and we want to appeal to you to have modest dressing and that advice came right from your children,” Awino said.

"As a school, we can only advise you to consider dressing more appropriately. I have noticed there has been an increasing tendency for parents to escort children to and from school while still wearing their pyjamas," she added.

A former Mbaga girls’ high school student who sought anonymity disclosed that the administration was very strict on parents and students dressing appropriately.

She revealed that the school sent her away to dress properly when she went to collect her certificate while dressed in a trouser.

“I was putting on a nice blouse and a trouser and I went straight to the secretary but they chased me out of the compound to go back and dress well. I had to seek a skirt in a nearby homestead," she said.

“I was easily given my certificate when they saw me in a skirt,” she added.

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