Sharon murder: Why Obado wants family lawyer disqualifi*d

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On Mon, 2 Dec, 2019 12:58 | 2 mins read
Okoth Obado
Migori Governor Okoth Obado. [PHOTO | FILE]
Migori Governor Okoth Obado. PHOTO | FILE

Governor Okoth Obado now claims that Sharon Otieno's family lawyer, Prof George Wajackoyah, whom he wants disqualified from his murder case told his wife that the governor was wearing the wrong suit in court.

This was revealed during the hearing of an application by the Migori County governor seeking to disqualify Prof Wajackoyah from representing the victims in the murder trial.

"He told my wife I was wearing the wrong suit in court the first time I was brought to court," said Obado through his lawyer, Kioko Kilukumi.

The governor said he has a record of the conversation between Prof Wajackoyah and his wife.

Obado's lawyer further claims that Prof Wajackoya sought and obtained instructions from the governor, information which is privileged in law and which if used in court will prejudice him in the murder case.

In court documents, the governor claims Prof Wajackoyah told him he shared correspondence between himself and Director of Public Prosecutions and again between him and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

"He convinced the governor he has been doing consultancy for the DPP and the DCI and the governor went ahead to instruct him to represent him," said Mr Kilukumi 

"Despite the lawyer offering consultancy services, he had been given clearance to represent Obado in the murder trial," said Mr Kilukumi.

Mr Obado said that he gave out the phone number of his lawyer on record to Prof Wajackoyah while at the Gigiri Police Station on September 23, 2018 so that the duo could work together.

Mr Kilukumi further told Justice Ngenye Macharia that Prof Wajackoyah does not dispute having been in the police station and having met the applicant, but says it was a coincidence brief meeting.

He says he had gone to Gigiri to meet another client.

"On September 24, the applicant was brought in court and Wajackoyah was present as agreed when Ombija introduced the quoram the name of the lawyer had been cancelled from the list,"said Mr Kilukumi.

He claims Prof Wajackoyah bitterly complained to the applicant, Ombija and Sagana among other counsels present over his name being left out as one of the lawyers representing the governor.

Its alleged that Wajackoyah did not go on record for the victims when he first appeared in court in the murder case.

Kilukumi further says the governor is not opposed to the victims being represented by counsels of their choice.

"The victims will suffer no prejudice,they are already represented by another counsel," says Kilukumi.