Seven-month old infant chokes to death on lollipop mother gave him

By Carolyn Necheza On Thu, 20 Feb, 2020 09:32 | < 1 min read
An infant in Lugari, Kakamega County choked on lollipop. PHOTO | PEXELS.COM

A seven-month-old baby died on Wednesday after choking on lollipop in Chekalini market in Lugari, Kakamega County.

The infant’s mother, Ms. Pauline Wanyonyi, said she gave the baby the lollilop and left him licking the the sweet as she went to bath.

After returning from the bathroom, Ms. Wanyonyi found the baby choking on the floor and rushed him to a nearby health facility.

Unfortunately, the health workers at the Chekalini health centre were unable to retrieve the lollilop from the boy’s throat.

Worried, the baby was transferred to a hospital at Lumakanda where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Koromait Assistant Chief Wilkister Muyoka confirmed the incident.

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