‘Serikali inatufanyisha sisi kama watu hawakuenda shule’ – Elderly man hilariously dismisses COVID-19 in viral video, says people are breathing in carbon monoxide

By Kevin Koech On Wed, 21 Jul, 2021 17:21 | 2 mins read
Man in viral video. PHOTO/COURTESY

A video of an elderly man speaking about his knowledge of the COVID-19 disease has surfaced on social media sparking hilarious reactions.

In the video, the man state that he has no idea of what exactly the virus is all about, let alone its dangers.

He further dismisses wearing of masks, arguing that he studied pure science which discourages wearing of masks as people breathe the same air over and over.

Mambo kuhusu corona, hata wengine hatuelewi neno corona ina maana gani kwa sababu wengine hatujaona corona, hata hatujui corona ni nini. Hata vitu tunavalianga kwa pua hii na mdomo hii, serikali inatufanya kama watu hawakuenda shule. Mtu kama mimi nilifanya pure science. Najua, kubreath in and out ni kitu ya maana sana. Sasa tunaambiwa tufunge mdomo, mapua, tuache macho pekee yake ione, si tuna-breath in carbon monoxide. Si hiyo ni ugonjwa tayari ( Concerning COVID-19, some of us have no idea about it because we have never ‘seen’ it and we don’t know what it is. The masks that we wear; the government has made us seem like we did not go to school. I did pure science and I know breathing in and out is very important. So if we wear masks we breathe carbon dioxide and already that is a disease),” he said.

The man also faulted the government for not separating elderly men from their families, further disclosing that he shares one bed with his entire family.

“Hawatufanyii sisi kama wazee tukue separate na familia zetu kwa sababu tunalala kitanda moja na watoto, na mabibi (The government should have separated us from our families because I share one bed with my kids and children),” he said.

On the dusk-to-dawn curfew, the old man urged the government to do away with the precautionary measures, maintaining that it has destabilized the country’s economy.

Naona curfew haina maana kwa sababu mtu kama mimi hiyo kitu sielewi. Hata sijaona kitu kama corona, hata sijakutana nayo. Naona hii kitu itupiliwe mbali kwa sababu imedunisha hali ya watoto, ya wananchi, Kenya nzima na disease nia nzima. Mimi sioni maana yake. Watu wanaamini mambo ya corona hawakuenda shule (Curfew is baseless because I personally don’t understand how it operates. I have never ‘seen’ something like corona, I have never seen it. I suggest that it be dismissed because it has worsened the economy. I don’t see its importance,” he said.

He concluded his moment of fame by noting that he went to one of the best schools during his time.

“Siwezi kufunga pua na mdomo na uniambie kuna corona, hiyo inamaanisha nini. Inamaanisha mimi sikuenda shule. Mimi nilienda shule, tena shule zilikua na maana siku hizo. Sio kama hizi ziko over flooded na uchafu. Kwa hivyo serikali itoe hiyo kitu watu warudi kama kawaida (I will not wear a mask and don’t tell me COVID-19 exists, what does that mean, it means I didn’t go to school and I went to best schools not like these ones that arw over flooded with spoilt kids),” he concluded.

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