Senator Linturi claims he was beaten up and stripped naked in rape case allegation

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On Tue, 17 Aug, 2021 10:35 | 2 mins read
Meru Senator Mithika Linturi.
Meru Senator Mithika Linturi.

Embattled Meru Senator Mithika Linturi has replied to allegations of sneaking into a couple’s hotel room when the husband was out and allegedly attempting to rape the said woman.

According to a statement released by his lawyers, Linturi says five men violently stormed to his room at the luxurious Mayian villas in the early morning of January 29, while he was asleep.

Linturi further claiming the said five men subsequently identified as Evans, Khadija, Otieno, Ndichu and Mohamed kidnapped him, beat him up, stripped him naked and took nude pictures and further threatening to make them public.

The five according to Linturi demanded a ransom of Kenya Shillings One Million for them not to post the said nude photos on different social media platforms.

According to the letter, the intruders in his room told him the money they referred to as ‘kondoo’ was a penalty for Linturi’s action of his unjustifiable actions to enter the couple’s room.

"The kidnappers were given KSh200, 000 cash and directed the Senator to call his friends and raise the KSh800, 000 balance" the letter reads.

A scared Linturi was trapped and desperate, forcing him to make frantic calls to his friends to raise the required money, but only managed to get KSh298, 000.

The five who were not yet done with Linturi refused to receive the said money through a mobile phone-based money transfer service (M-PESA).

This forced Linturi to beg with the agitated men to allow him to go to withdraw the KSh800, 000 from the KCB Nanyuki branch.

According to the 10-page letter Linturi was finally allowed to leave and transact the money from his bank account but on condition he leaves his bag and personal belongings, writes a cheque and signs an undertaking that he owes them the money.

“I Mithika Linturi acknowledge owing Evans KShs.800, 000/= which I commit to pay later in the day but not later than 1:00 p.m. I issue a KCB cheque for the same amount as surety”; part of the letter read.

However, Linturi would go AWOL immediately after leaving the hotel, only to reappear in a police station to report the said matter and five men for extortion.

Linturi was assisted by the area OCS, who filled a P3 form for him to be able to facilitate treatment of the injuries he sustained from the beating he received by the five men.

He would be escorted back to the hotel, and to his astonishment Linturi found the kidnappers still waiting for the balance he had promised.

According to the said letter, police arrested the alleged kidnappers and managed to recover the KSh200, 000 cash and the KSh800, 000 cheques that Linturi had handed to them.

Linturi was told the matter would be investigated, and he was supposed to go back on February 5 but due to his busy schedule, he was unable, only to be informed a month later that the DCI headquarters had taken over the case from Nanyuki police station.

The legislator argues that the alleged attempted rape charge was never disclosed to him or the court in May when he filed and got orders to stop his forgery charge.

He says he was unaware of the additional criminal offence of attempted rape, which is now being sprung on him as a further surprise.