Sankok reveals why he’s poorer, to make drastic career move: VIDEO

By , K24 Digital
On Wed, 25 Sep, 2019 14:03 | 2 mins read
David Ole Sankok
Nominated MP David Ole Sankok (in green) on the set of K24 This Morning. PHOTO | SCREENSHOT
Nominated MP David Ole Sankok (in green) on the set of K24 This Morning. PHOTO | SCREENSHOT

Politics is to Kenyans what baseball is to Americans or cricket to Indians.

It is an all-consuming affair talked about in bars, cars, offices, homes and just about anywhere.

Mostly, politics has become synonymous with high salaries and pampered treatment.

Appearing on K24 This Morning show on Wednesday, nominated Member of Parliament David Ole Sankok said he regrets joining the world of politics.

"I was economically very comfortable before I became [a] Member of Parliament and I have ever regretted becoming an MP," said the lawmaker.

This is despite earning more than Sh1 million monthly and enjoying a raft of benefits and allowances, including a car grant, car maintenance and travel perks.

Ole Sankok, who is also the chairman of the National Council for Persons With Disabilities, said he will not vie for any seat in the 2022 General Election.

The MP faulted Kenyans for making lawmakers feel indebted to them, saying they demand and expect too many freebies from politicians.

“Trust you me, I will not go for a second term. I will finish my term then go back to business or to [the] United Nations as a special advisor on disability issues because it is just too taxing. Everybody feels like you owe them something,” said Ole Sankok.

The lawmaker also criticised political brokers who make waheshimiwa’s (MPs) lives unbearable, especially for someone like him, who is branded and is visible from far.

Sankok forever dons a green suit with white, black and red stripes just like the Kenyan flag.

“Go to the Intercontinental Hotel, [Nairobi] today, you will find several of these brokers just waiting,” Ole Sankok said.

But Ole Sankok's statement comes just a week after President Uhuru Kenyatta declined to sign into law a bill that was meant to award MPs heftier perks.  

The nominated also made similar comments at Mayian FM, where he said he was only nominated to tame Raila Odinga supporters.