Sakaja’s degree revoked again

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On Thu, 30 Jun, 2022 16:03 | 3 mins read
Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja PHOTO/File
Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja at a past event. PHOTO/Courtesy

The Commission for University Education (CUE) has revoked the Nairobi Governor candidate Johnson Sakaja’s degree, once again.

In a letter to Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), CUE Secretary Mwenda Ntarangwi said that the decision has already been communicated to the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) candidate and that he has the right to appeal pursuant to Universities Regulations 2014.

“The Commission hereby notifies you (IEBC) that the certificate recognition of the qualification of the purported Bachelor of Science in Management (External) degree from Team University issued to one Sakaja, which was presented to your good office in compliance to the provisions of Section 22(2) of the Elections Act and Regulation 47 of the Election (General) Regulations, 2012 is revoked,” Ntarangwi said, in the letter dated June 29.

Explaining the chronology of events, Ntarangwi said CUE received Sakaja’s request for recognition of qualification of his degree and in a letter dated June 6, it was acknowledged.

Soon after, Ntarangwi said the Commission received written information from the public, some of which was copied to IEBC.

According to the CEO, the nature of information raised by the public implied that Sakaja was never admitted to Team University or studied there and that he had not earned an academic degree as required by the Elections Act.

Thus, the authenticity of the degree certificate presented to the Commission for recognition was questionable, which also led to investigations.

“The complaints received by the Commission were shared with Sakaja vide letters dated June 25 and 26. In the two letters, he was informed to furnish the Commission with further information showing how he earned his degree certificate,” the CEO explained.

To allow the CUE to conduct the investigations, Ntarangwi said that Sakaja was required to furnish a letter of admission from Team, course units and dates studied which is relevant for verifying instructional hours and workload requirements and transcripts.

Other requirements were receipts for fee payment, names of lecturers who taught him, graduation booklet and any communication between him and the university staff concerning his studies at Team University.

He was also urged to furnish CUE with material evidence on content, profile, workload, quality and learning outcomes as proof of him earning the degree.

“Despite being granted an opportunity to make written and oral representations on the matter vide letters dated June 25 and 26, he disregarded, refused and or ignored both the request to provide information and the opportunity to exercise his right to be heard during further investigations," the CEO explained.

The Commission said it however proceeded with its investigations, which included his application, and communication from the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) in Uganda.

CUE told the IEBC that the documents submitted to them as a degree certificate from Team University bore the name Bachelor of Science in Management (External).

But according to the CUE, Team University was not at the said period accredited by NCHE to offer such a degree.

“Team University is accredited to offer Bachelor of Science in Management and not Bachelor of Science in Management (External). Further, the communication from NCHE communicated that Team University had confirmed that Sakaja had enrolled for a Bachelor of Science in Management. No reference was made to Bachelor of Science in Management (External),” Ntarangwi said.

CUE also said that Bachelor of Science in Management (External) is not Bachelor of Science in Management and it contravenes provisions of guideline 1 of Universities Standards Guideline, 2014, which provides that ‘academic programmes title shall adopt universal nomenclature for similar programmes and shall be short, concise and descriptive of its overall content’.

Also, the CEO said that in Sakaja’s official declaration in 2017 while vying for the position of Senator, he indicated that the only higher education he held was a degree from the University of Nairobi.

“There was no declaration made pertaining to Team University, from which he states that he had obtained a degree in 2016. The University of Nairobi has since written to the Commission, confirming that whereas he enrolled for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Actuarial Science in 2003, he did not complete his studies,” the CEO explained.

CUE also told IEBC that at the conclusion of the investigations, they have not received any evidence from NCHE, Team or Sakaja that prove he pursued studies at Team and earned a degree in Bachelor of Science in Management (External).

“Failure to submit even the most basic evidence of study and the process of earning a degree inevitably renders the degree certificate submitted insufficient to prove that Sakaja studied either physically or through distance learning and that he holds an academic degree,” Ntarangwi said.

“Based on these findings, and in compliance with the provisions of Section 5 of the Universities Act 2012, Part XI of the Universities Regulations 2014, the Universities Standards and Guidelines and the Standards for Recognition and Equation of Qualifications and granted the disclaimer in the certificate of recognition issued, the Commission has come to the inescapable decision that the purported degree certificate of Bachelor of Science in Management (External) is ineligible for recognition,” he added.

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