Safisha rada – DP Ruto ‘inboxes his wife Rachel for the first time’, introduces baby Cullie in voter registration drive

By , K24 Digital
On Fri, 8 Oct, 2021 15:43 | < 1 min read
A screen grab of Deputy President William Ruto rallying Kenyan youth to register as voters in a Public Service Announcement video.

Deputy President William Ruto has joined fellow politicians in rallying the youth to register as voters in the ongoing mass voter registration. 

In his own unique way, Ruto shared a video of himself on Twitter where he was chatting with his wife Rachel Ruto on Facebook messenger asking if one of their children is registered as a voter. 

“Hey Rachael, by the way, has Cullie ever registered as a voter?” Ruto wrote in the chat with his wife, adding, “well, I guess there’s always a first time.”

After sending his wife the message, Ruto proceeded with his message to the youth, rallying them to register as voters. 

“Wangwana, decisions about your life are being made every day without you being at the table,” the DP said before informing viewers of the ongoing 30-day mass voter registration. 

The 70-second long video goes on with Ruto calling the youth to action in a casual easy manner using words such as, 'tujisajili’ and ‘safisha rada’.

Rachael later responds to Ruto’s message stating, “I guess there’s always a first time” to which Ruto replies, “me inboxing you or Cullie registering to vote?”

Rachael’s replies stream in immediately stating, “Both… I guess.”