Cherargei: Ruto wi*l fix what Raila couldn’t in Kibera

By , K24 Digital
On Sun, 1 Oct, 2023 17:55 | 2 mins read
Nandi Senator Simon Cherargei. PHOTO/Cherargei(@scherargei)/X
Nandi Senator Simon Cherargei. PHOTO/Cherargei(@scherargei)/X

Nandi Senator Simon Cherargei has voiced his confidence in President William Ruto's ability to bring about positive change in the Kibera slums, emphasizing that opposition leader Raila Odinga was unable to achieve this during his tenure as a Member of Parliament and Prime Minister.

In a statement on his X account, Cherargei highlighted Ruto's commitment to the Affordable Housing Program as a means to provide shelter for all Kenyans.

"H.E Dr. William Ruto, through affordable housing programs, shall ensure access to shelter for all Kenyans. For example, in Kibera slums, where Tinga/ODM was the area MP plus P.M. for over 50 years, he did nothing to eradicate slums in the area. H.E. Dr. Ruto shall fix it in the next 10 years. Haiya watu wa Tinga/Azimio-OKA rusheni mawe nione! Blessed evening," Cherargei wrote.

Ruto on Kibera slum

This comes following Ruto's promise to address one of Africa's largest slums, Kibera, as part of his Affordable Housing initiative.

Ruto, speaking during a church service at Deliverance Church International in Lang’ata, Nairobi, rallied support for his plan to construct over 200,000 houses in Nairobi within the next five years.

"We want to build 200,000 houses across Kenya. In Nairobi alone, in the next five years, we are planning to build 200,000 houses. We are also moving people from the slums. In 10 years, there will be no slum in Kibera; we'll have transformed it into an estate," Ruto affirmed.

Despite opposition from some Kenyans who felt overburdened by taxes, Ruto defended his government's implementation of the Housing Levy.

He stated that over 70,000 affordable housing units are nearing completion nationwide, underscoring the progress of his government's initiatives.