Rogue DCI officer sentenced to 5 years in prison for receiving bribe from Chinese investor

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On Wed, 29 Nov, 2023 14:40 | 2 mins read
Julius Onyango Oguma (left) and Charles Macharia in court. PHOTO/Nancy Gitonga

A Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) officer has been sentenced to serve five years in jail or pay a fine of Ksh1.9 million for corruptly receiving Ksh200,000 from a Chinese investor Pan Xido Yan in Kabete in 2018 in order to drop charges against his wife.

DCI officer Julius Onyango Oguma had requested a Ksh1 million bribe but negotiated down to Ksh200,000 from a Chinese investor in order to drop charges against his wife Gong Huan alias Kelly for being in the country illegally.

Anti-Corruption Milimani Chief Magistrate Thomas Nzyoki slapped the Dagoretti-based DCI officer after finding him guilty of the offences of receiving a bribe of Ksh 200,000 and concealing the evidence.

While sentencing the officer, the magistrate said that out of a total of Ksh1.9 million fine, Onyango would have to pay a fine of Ksh400,000 or serve 12 months and a mandatory fine of Ksh1 million in default or serve three years in prison for the offence of concealing evidence.

Further, Onyanga was also sentenced to serve 12 months imprisonment or pay a fine of Ksh 500,000 for the charge of bribery.

The magistrate directed the sentence will run consecutively meaning Onyango will pay Ksh 1.9 million or serve five years in jail.

The magistrate also jailed another DCI officer Charles Macharia Wanjiru after he was found guilty of the offence obstructing of an Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) officer during the arrest of Onyango.

On his part, Macharia was sentenced to 12 months in jail or pay a fine of Ksh400,000.

The sentence imposed on the two officers comes after on Thursday last week Magistrate Nzyuki found that the evidence tendered before the court was sufficient in proving the charges.

In mitigation, the officers through Lawyer Danstan Omari pleaded for leniency saying they are sole breadwinners of their families and have school-going children.

Omari informed the court that the convicts are remorseful and regret committing the offence and do not intend to repeat the same.

Officer Onyango was also found guilty of concealing the Ksh200,000 which he knew were to be used as evidence in an investigation for the offence of corruption.

The court heard that the offence occurred at Kabete Police Station on November 28, 2018.

The court in convicting him noted that the arrest of Gong Huan was never booked at the report office.

"Contrary to standard procedure, it is apparent from the evidence that the arrest of Gong was never booked. She was kept at the general office under the guard of DCI officers acting on instructions of Corporal Oguma," the magistrate said.

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