Regional commissioner wants media to stop covering widespread unrest in schools

By , K24 Digital
On Mon, 8 Nov, 2021 18:05 | 2 mins read
Eastern Regional commissioner Isaiah Nakoru. PHOTO/BRIAN MALILA

Eastern Regional commissioner Isaiah Nakoru now wants the media to go slow and blacklist on the coverage of widespread unrest in schools.

Nakoru argues that too much coverage of ravaging schools unrests by the media was influencing students to go on a rampage because of peer pressure.

'' I want to call on the media when showing pictures on school unrest lets have a mind of young people at hand because many are in the adolescent stage. Some think that burning schools will make them big or something else. In fact, I would ask the media to limit how they report on these cases,'' Nakoru noted.

He urged the press to work closely with all the education stakeholders in looking for a remedy for what is happening in schools.

The RC advised students to make good use of the time they have in school to better their life and abstain from bad behaviours that will ruin their education.

The security committee chairman in Eastern observed that it was very unfortunate that parents were now subjected to the burden of paying destroyed property when students burn schools.

At the same time, he called on parents to engage children in a continued talk on the negative effects brought about by them burning schools.

The city legislator stated that media outlets were the first to report these cases and minimizing such coverage would make students unaware of what is happening in other schools.

Nakoru further stated that in 2016 an investigation on the rampant school unrests revealed that also there were some teachers who were influencing school unrest.

''In 2016 It was established there were some teachers who were using students to cause the unrest in schools if they have differences with school heads but this time we are not blaming anyone we want to look for an amicable solution on this vice," he noted.

Nakoru echoed Manyatta MP John Muchiri who was speaking in a separate function.

He called for a national debate on how boarding schools will be phased out to avert rampant school unrest.

The MP said the ravaging unrest in schools is something that needs to be looked on by all angles and how the problem will be addressed amicably.

"We need a national conversation on our boarding schools, there is a need to ask ourselves if true boarding schools are important for us,'' Muchiri said.