PSVs to be blocked from picking or dropping passengers at Nairobi petrol stations

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 25 Sep, 2021 16:23 | 2 mins read
Matatus at work. PHOTO/COURTESY

Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) will be banned from picking and dropping passengers at petrol Stations if a motion before the Nairobi County Assembly sails through.

The motion sponsored by Umoja one MCA Mugambi wants the county executive and the Nairobi Metropolitan Service( NMS) to issue a public notice prohibiting all the PSVs from terminating at petrol stations to either pick or drop passengers.

“We are risking the lives of innocent Kenyans. Petrol stations are areas where highly inflammable products are sold. These are danger zones that can easily lead to deaths in case of an explosion. As a leader, I think we should save lives before. We have better places where our PSVs can do their business without any danger,’ he said.

Mugambi said most of the PSVs have colluded with corrupt county officials to set up such termini despite being aware of the danger they pose.

A spot check by People Daily shows that multiple petrol stations across the city run by different companies were providing parking and other related services to matatus.

One of the petrol stations is found along with Tom- Mboya street just next to Afya centre.

Despite its sheer size and sometimes disorderly nature, the bustling petrol station is one of the city’s busiest termini, serving five long-distance matatu SACCOs, including Transline Classic, Ena Coach and Kinatwa Sacco, transporting hundreds of travellers to and from Nairobi each day.

The petrol station parks over ten matatus with most of them picking passengers.

 Its popularity is propelled by its easily accessible location at the intersection of Tom Mboya Street and Haile Selassie Avenue.

 At Odeon in the city centre, buses belonging to Lopha Sacco drop passengers inside the station, as some remain parked on the sides.

However, the county government in 2019 brought in a similar directive but it failed to bear fruits.

Currently, Nairobi County is also grappling with space as the Green park terminus which provides an alternative has not been opened.