Protesters set ablaze UDA party offices in Siaya

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On Thu, 30 Mar, 2023 14:47 | 2 mins read
UDA offices Protesters
UDA offices burnt down in Siaya. PHOTO/Courtesy

Anti-government protesters in Siaya county on Thursday, March 30, glued themselves at the county's United Democratic Alliance (UDA) offices and set the offices on fire.

An amateur video seen by K24 Digital shows the offices up in flames as a billow of smoke filled the vicinity.

The youths vandalized the windows, and steel doors before using a black 5000 litres tank which was placed on top of the building to light the fire that consumed part of the rooftop.

The rowdy youth made away with electric appliances, sacks of maize, and chairs.

Margaret Anyango Owegi, a UDA official noted that the demonstrations were indeed targeting campaigners of UDA in Siaya.

"As UDA officials, we dedicated one of the offices in Siaya for UDA where we coordinate our activities and today morning some of the youths allegedly hired by certain politicians as far as South Nyanza and Kisumu burnt it down.

"The youths have not only destroyed the building but stolen everything including the furniture which was being used by workers staying in the house," Anyango said.

UDA offices up in flames. PHOTO/Eric Juma

Similar incident

The latest incident comes barely weeks after a section of protesters in Kisumu stormed UDA offices, vandalised and stole property of unknown value before burning a car parked in the compound.

UDA chairman in Kisumu, Eric Osenya noted that they had been held hostage as the protesters staged the attack.

He recounted that they were forced to lock themselves in but they managed to escape after the protesters dispersed to regroup.

"When we got out, they came in and vandalised everything. They took all the computers, laptops, cameras, seats and curtains," he stated.

The incident followed barely two weeks after the offices had been unveiled by UDA Secretary-General Cleophas Malala in a bid to enhance the recruitment of new members to the ruling party.

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