Professor Hamo reveals biggest lesson learnt from his drama with comedienne Jemutai

By , K24 Digital
On Wed, 23 Jun, 2021 15:57 | 2 mins read
Hamo and Jemutai
A collage photo of Prof Hamo and Comedienne Jemutai. Photo: Courtesy.

Popular Churchill Show comedian Herman Kago, popularly known by his stage name as Professor Hamo, has opened up on lessons learnt from his online drama with the mother of his two kids comedienne Stella Bunei Koitie, alias Jemuta.

In an interview with Bonga Na Jalas on Wednesday, Professor Hamo says the drama taught him not to pay attention to social media reactions when found in such a situation.

He says if could have spared some minutes to read people’s comment on the whole saga, it would have been difficult for him to reconcile with Jemutai.

“Wacha nikuambie, unajua ukisoma comments relationship inakua ni kama bad relationship ambayo usababishwa na advisors wengi. Dem wako ako advisors wake na wewe uko na wako, wanakupatia advise mnarudi nyumbani mnapigana na hao hawapigani. Unadhani ningekaa na Chemutai tuongee kama ningesoma comments? (Let me tell you, reading comments on social media is like putting yourself in a bad relationship that is characterized by too many advisors. They give your girlfriend this advice ad they give you that, when you go back home you begin fighting and remember the advisors are not fighting where they are. You think I could have been willing to engage Chemutai if I went through comments?)” he said.

Prof Hamo says he took stock of his life because of the drama and came to the conclusion that he has to take a bold step of accepting the blame.

He says he was forced to own up to his mistakes for the sake of his children's future given that it is his duty to take care of his family.

“Baada ya hiyo nduru yote mimi ndio baba. Na ningeongea mbaya ingekua ngumu kuongea na Jemutai. Unafikiria angefurahi nimeanza kumpasha kwa socil media? Hiyo ni tabia mbaya (After all this noise on social media, I still remain the father to the kids. If I could have talked badly on the matter It could have made reconciliation difficult. Do you think she could have been happy if I attacked her on social media? That is bad manners),” he added.

According to Hamo, their confrontation changed him as a person and they will be having a candid discussion with Jemutai on Friday in the full glare of cameras to talk about the issue.

Their conversation will be about the whole saga where they will engage in a question-and-answer talk to iron their mistake and perhaps serve a lesson to many couples going through similar challenges.

These developments come weeks after the two had a fiery exchange on social media over parental responsibility of their two children.

The matter was put to rest following the intervention of their boss-cum-mentor Daniel Ndambuki, alias Churchill.

Churchill shared on social media that they agreed to sort out their issues in private.

They later met and agreed on modalities of raising their children during which Professor Hamo also requested a paternity test.

The results were out and Jemutai revealed that Professor Hamo is the biological father of the two children.