Principal, MP faulted in case where Form Two student spent night with watchman after he was sent home for school fees

By , K24 Digital
On Thu, 2 Sep, 2021 20:00 | 2 mins read
The student who was forced to spend night in the streets for lack of school fees. PHOTO/COURTESY

A Form Two student at Chavakali High School who was sent home for school fees was forced to spend the night of Wednesday, September 1 with a night guard outside a bank in Kakamega town after walking 32 kilometers from the school towards his home in Trans Nzoia county.

Only identified as Linus, the student who spoke to K24 Digital said he kicked off the journey from Chavakali at 3pm without a single cent not knowing where he was heading.

"I decided to walk because I had no one to ask bus fare to my village. I got to Kakamega at around 7pm and approached a watchman who was guarding one of the banks because it was getting late and I feared for my life," the student said.

The watchman welcomed the student and bought him a cup of tea and mandazi for supper after he told him what he had gone through.

The student said that when it reached around 10 pm, a lady identified as Eunice Nechesa passed by the bank and saw him sitting with the night guard and enquired why he was not in school.

"I really thank the lady who took me to her home in Lurambi and informed my parents of the situation I was in," Linus said, revealing that he was reunited with his parents in the morning following the phone call by the good Samaritan.

Speaking to K24 Digital, Simon Juma the guard who rescued the boy said he was shocked to see the schoolboy loitering around town during odd hours.

"I am still shocked that the MP of the constituency where this boy comes from could not offer him bursary fund. I have heard that Cherengany MP Joushua Kuttuny is a vibrant leader who takes care of his people's needs yet he can't simply help this student," Juma said.

On the other hand, Nechesa who hosted the student says she was engulfed by grief when she saw a young boy spending the night in streets.

"As a parent, I was touched and that is why I decided to go with him to my home. I appeal for the intervention of well-wishers to step in and help the boy," Nechesa said.

Efforts to get a comment from the school principal John Walutere ended in vain.