Primary school pupil dies after classmate hit him with wooden plank

By Nyaboga Kiage On Mon, 11 Jan, 2021 15:25 | < 1 min read

Police officers in Baringo County have launched a manhunt for a 15-year-old minor who is accused of hitting his classmate with a blunt object leading to his death. 

In a police report seen by Mediamax Digital, the student, KB, hit his classmate with a wooden plank on the head on Friday afternoon and the victim was rushed to hospital. 

“The victim then fell down unconscious and was rushed to a local hospital where he was examined, treated and discharged in a stable condition,” the report read in part. 

However, the following day the victim started complaining of a headache and was admitted to the same hospital where he had been treated and discharged earlier.

The report revealed that he died on the same day he was admitted at about 8pm. 

“Police visited the hospital and established that the deceased had sustained serious head injuries which resulted internal bleeding,” said the police report.

When the police visited the school, the pupil who assaulted his classmate was missing. 

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