Police officer goes after DCI for linking wife to ‘mchele gang’

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On Tue, 31 May, 2022 11:36 | 2 mins read
Police officer goes after DCI for linking wife to 'mchele gang'
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A Senior policeman is demanding an apology from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) after they falsely accused his wife of stupefying his drink in the latest "Basmati Babes" expose.

This comes after the detectives shared a tweet stating that the policeman based in Murang'a county was fighting for his life at a hospital after his drink was spiked by his lover.

"Quick response by bar attendants at the popular joint in Kenol, Murang’a County, saved the man from also losing his possessions to the woman who had just stupefied (sic) his drink, the man had walked to Small Villa gardens at Kenol … accompanied by a woman with whom they had several drinks and made merry. Little did the man, an employee at the Ministry of Interior, know that the woman had hatched an evil scheme to milk his bank accounts dry," the DCI wrote.

“Later at around 11pm, the man passed out as the observant waiters saw the daughter of Jezebel gathering his belongings, including ATM cards, identity card and mobile phones, and alarmed, they alerted their manager who called the Officer Commanding Kenol Police station, who responded immediately,”

The officer however dismissed the allegations stating that he had taken his wife out to the entertainment joint along Kenol-Murang'a road.

"I take alcohol. My wife does not take alcohol. I was feeling unwell, but I was determined to take my wife out. But after taking several bottles, I felt weak and I told my wife to drive me to hospital, When I came to, I was in hospital alone and my wife was nowhere to be found." he stated.

He added : "I enquired about how I ended up in the hospital and the nurses told me that police officers from Kenol police station brought me in,"

Police wife arrested and booked

Upon checking DCI's twitter account, the officer was shocked to see his wife's photos and details terming her as a member of the spiking indicate. The man who further termed the DCI as reckless further stated that he was shocked to learn that his illness was twisted to reflect an "alarmist" statement

Following the outcome of events, the man headed to the police station the next morning after being discharged.

Upon his arrival at the police station, he was shocked to find that police had arrested and booked his wife as a suspect involved in stupefying reveller's drinks with the intention to rob.

"My wife, with whom I have been married for the past 18 years, and together sired three children, was in a police cell for allegations of seeking to stupefy and steal from me … This world sometimes is made unnecessarily ridiculous by rash actions," he said.

He then explained to the police that the 'suspect' arrested was his wife, to which the police apologised and released her.

While terming the DCI's social media team as a theatre of useless drama, defamation and a source of fake news, the officer dismissed its management calling on the DCI boss George Kinoti to restructure its social media platforms.

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