Police looking for bodaboda gang captured on camera assaulting woman

By , K24 Digital
On Mon, 7 Mar, 2022 16:08 | < 1 min read

Police in Nairobi have launched a manhunt for a gang of bodaboda riders who were captured on camera assaulting a lady along Wangari Maathai road.

In an amateur video making rounds on social media, the woman is captured wailing as the ruthless bodaboda riders assault her.

So bad was the incident that the bodaboda riders undressed the woman as others demanded that she gets out of the car.

This was because the woman was involved in a minor accident with one of the bodaboda operators.

The video attracted condemnation from social media users who demanded that the riders be identified and arrested.

K24 Digital has established that so far three of the bodaboda operators believed to have been involved in the incident have been identified.

Protective and Safety Association of Kenya (PROSAK), in a statement, has condemned the incident saying that the operators infringed the constitutional rights of the woman.

“It has come to our attention that following a road accident involving a silver salon vehicle being driven by a young lady along Wangari Maathai road. It is a clear indication that there is a lot of insecurity whenever boda boda operators are involved,” the report read in part, calling for the immediate arrest and prosecution of the riders.