Police defend k******s of suspected Nyuki g*********rs in Nakuru

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On Thu, 21 Jul, 2022 11:22 | 2 mins read
Body of 67-year-old woman found in a pit in Vihiga
Crime scene. PHOTO/Internet

Nakuru County Police Commander Peter Mwanzo has said police followed the law during the killing of the four members of the Nyuki squad which has been condemned by human rights groups and NGOs.

The county police boss said the operations going on will not be hindered by such claims and they will continue to smoke out the members of the different gangs until security is restored in the new city.

Mwanzo further explained that if the gang would have surrendered, they would not have been killed.

“Police work within the framework of the law and whatever happened during that operation was within the law.

"I know everyone will have a story about why it happened and why it happened that way. If there was any surrender during the operation, there won’t have been any injuries.

"And in an event like that, we have nothing that we can do rather than to choose who is to remain standing.

"It is either the police to remain standing or the particular criminal gang and that is exactly what happened. We are not going to get distracted. We are on course,” Mwanzo stated.

Families blame police

Nakuru County Commissioner Peter Mwanzo. PHOTO/Courtesy

The claims by human rights groups come after families of the deceased gang members said their kins were picked from their houses before they were killed in cold blood.

“The police went around picking the boys and took them to one house. They have killed a generation, and this was done by the government.

"We want to ask them that if somebody is found contravening the law, let them be arrested and the law follows its course,” said one of the parents.

In a statement, the Independent Medico-Legal Unit (IMLU) condemned the killing of four young men by National Police Service (NPS) officers saying the county police boss should resign and be investigated.

According to the Haki Africa Executive director Hussein Khalid, criminal activities cannot be done away with through extra-judicial killings.

“We support the fight against crime and insecurity as a civil organization. No one wants a gang running around attacking women and killing them.

"The manner in which you fight this cannot be cold blood killings and extra-judicial killings will not bring security,” Hussein stated.

The County Commander has called on the citizens to dismiss the reports and claims by the organizations and asked them to continue working closely with security personnel and inform them of gang activities.

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