Police disguised as joggers, shoot dead two robbers who have been terrorizing joggers in Kiambu

By , K24 Digital
On Thu, 3 Jun, 2021 13:21 | 2 mins read
A student kills his mother, brother in cold blood. PHOTO/Courtesy
A student kills his mother, brother in cold blood. PHOTO/Courtesy

Police officers in Kikuyu have killed two robbers who are believed to be part of a wider syndicate that has been terrorizing motorists, joggers and pedestrians along the Southern bypass.

The officers disguised themselves as joggers along the bypass when three robbers tried to attack them.

Police opened fire killing two instantly while one escaped with gunshot wounds.

Confirming the incident, Kiambu County Commander Ali Nunoh said a sword, panga, 3 mobile phones and other stolen items such as headphones were recovered from the two dead robbers.

He said the two killed are part of a criminal gang that was arrested three days ago and arraigned.

Ali said the 3 man gang waylaid one Joseph Macharia on Wednesday and robbed him of cash and other valuables.

The robbers are suspected to have attacked several people on Thursday morning before being killed by police.

Narrating his horrific ordeal, Macharia said he escaped death by a whisker when he was attacked after his car developed mechanical problems in the same spot the robbers were shot dead on Thursday morning.

"I was driving along the bypass and passed a young man walking along, Suddenly, I heard a funny sound from my car. I stopped to look at what had happened but no sooner had I bent my knees than he patted my back and shepherded me into the forest," he said.

"Two other robbers emerged from the forest, roughed me up and demanded money at gun point. I told them that I had none but they frisked my pockets and got some before they went to the car and found more," he added.

He positively identified the duo, pistol and panga they possessed while attacking him.

The county police boss has urged members of the public to report immediately they are attacked for action to be taken as soon as possible.