Please help! People living with albinism decry lack of life-saving skin lotion in Trans-Nzoia

By , K24 Digital
On Fri, 11 Jun, 2021 18:09 | < 1 min read
People living with albinism in Trans Nzoia. PHOTO/RICHARD SAKAH

People living with albinism in Trans Nzoia have decried lack of sunscreen lotion saying it had led to an increase in cases of skin cancer.

Speaking to the press, the group led by Brian Wanyonyi said the whole of Trans Nzoia county lacks the most important lotion to protect them against sunlight which greatly affects them.

“We have suffered for the past one year due to inadequate supply of the essential ointment subjecting us to harsh sunlight rays,” Wanyonyi said.

They further noted that the little that is delivered to them does not reach those who are in rural areas due to lack of awareness and that only a handful of them who reside in major towns within the county receive the lotion.

The group has also complained of discrimination among the general public whom they accuse of calling them names.

“Some of us living with this condition have never received the ointment, a major case being of four of our members in Cherengany who had to rely on ordinary petroleum jellies which do us more harm than preventive measures,” he added.

“We fear going out due to the hate that people have over us including branding us names due to the nature of our skins making us most of the time to remain indoors,” Walter Akama, one of the people living with albinism, said.

The trio, who spoke during the World Albinism Day, also added that they were not considered for jobs with employers considering them frail due to their skin colour.