Please forgive mom for killing dad – High Court told in case where principal murdered husband

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On Tue, 18 May, 2021 17:15 | 2 mins read
Jane Muthoni
Jane Muthoni (right) with her co-accused Isaac Ng’ang’a alias Gikuyu in one of the court appearances. PD/File
Jane Muthoni (right) with her co-accused Isaac Ng’ang’a alias Gikuyu in one of the court appearances. PD/File

High Court judge Joel Ngugi has postponed the sentencing of convicted suspects in the murder of the late Kiru High School Principal Solomon Mwangi Mbuthi.

Jane Muthoni and her co accused Isaac Nganga alias Gikuyu were following the court proceedings from different locations on Tuesday, May 18 when the presiding judge postponed their sentencing to Thursday, June 2021.

During the final submissions in court, the prosecution pleaded with Justice Ngugi to consider the death penalty when sentencing the two, arguing that it would translate to justice done after a five-year trial. 

The court also heard from June Mbuthi, the daughter of the murdered principal and the first accused who pleaded with the court to show leniency in its sentence.

In her argument, June told the court to consider the plight of Muthoni’s children saying the four of them have suffered both as victims whose father was murdered and as children of the first accused. 

She asked Justice Ngugi to consider the financial, emotional and psychological torture they’ve been subjected to over the five years their mother was in remand. 

In her submission, Muthoni maintained her innocence stating that her husband's killers were roaming free. Her co-accused also asked the court for leniency arguing that he has been absent in the lives of his children for the five years the case has been in court. 

Mbuthi allegedly went missing in November 2016 only for his mutilated body to be found dumped at Karakuta Coffee Estate in Juja.

In April, Muthoni distanced herself from the murder case insisting it was her husbands associates, fellow principals, who killed him over an alleged school transfers deal gone sour.

The first accused told the court that there was a cartel of principals who decide which teachers get promotions and transfers. She claimed the cabal of principals were disgruntled after Muthoni was promoted to head Icaciri Secondary as her husband headed Kiiru High School.