Phone kubwa chukua, hiyo ndogo upee mama yangu – Finer details of ‘will’ written by Mombasa cop before committing suicide

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On Fri, 10 Dec, 2021 13:27 | < 1 min read
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A police car. PHOTO/File

Besides penning a letter to the OSC Changamwe Police Station, the Mombasa-based police officer who took his own life also left final instructions to his wife, brother, and children, K24 Digital has learned. 

In a series of suicide notes seen by this reporter, the corporal who committed suicide yesterday evening asked his brother to take charge of part of his property and distribute them to the family. 

“To my brother Mwamrizi, hiyo phone kubwa chukua, hiyo ndogo upee mama yangu. Lines nimetupa sitaki watu wasumbue wakipiga. Hata hazina pesa. Zinadaiwa,” the corporal said. 

In what appears to be rent collections of a house he/the family owns, the deceased told his brother of the money he had been given by tenants instructing him of the arrears. 

“Hapo chini, Salome mwezi uliopita alilipa mwezi huu amenipa Ksh4k. Judith last month alinipea Ksh2k, Christine alilipa huu mwezi pia. Richard mwezi huu alinipea Ksk1k,” he wrote. 

The police officer further gave instructions on how the family should be accommodated after his death. 

Itabidi wewe uhamie huku juu uchukue room moja, hizo zingine achia bibi na watoto,” he instructed. 

In an emotional and final message to his four children, the corporal regretted that he was not able to bid them farewell but asked them to take their studies seriously. 

“To my children Dickson, Constance, Stratton and Dorcas, nawepanda sana japo singweza kuwaaga, lakini siku moja tutakutana. Musome kwa bidii na Mungu awalinde,” he said.