‘Bishop anashindwa na mtu wa bhangi’- Pastor Ng’ang’a laughs at Mwaure for trailing in presidential results

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On Sun, 14 Aug, 2022 16:56 | 2 mins read
Pastor Ng'ang'a
Neno Evangelism centre founder Pastor James Ng'ang'a. PHOTO/Courtesy

Controversial city Pastor James Ng'ang'a has ridiculed Agano party presidential candidate David Mwaure after he trails Roots party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah in the August 9 unofficial presidential results.

In a video taken during his sermon, Ng'ang'a asked Mwaure to quit politics and return to church as he queried how Wajackoyah whose manifesto was legalising bhang had trounced him in the presidential race yet he was a preacher.

"Nimeona Wajackoyah ako na kura nyingi sana. Yule anauza nyoka na bangi na kuna bishop yuko hapo na huyu wa bangi ndio ako na kura nyingi. Na ni bishop! Bishop! Ulienda kubaya, bishop rudi kwa kanisa,

"Bishop ghai! Amekaa miaka nne, forty years bishop na leo ametokelezea na huyu wa bangi akatokelezea, hata hajanyoa na bishop amenyoa na amevaa suti, huyu amefunga tu kilemba. Sasa huyu wa bangi nimeangalia nikaona hata Mandera ako na kura," Ng'ang'a said amid laughter.

This loosely translates to:

"I have seen that Wajackoyah has garnered so many votes yet he advocates for the legalisation of Bhang and snakes yet he has floored the bishop (Mwaure). A bishop! Return to church you headed the wrong way!

"Mwaure has been a bishop for 40 years, yet he has been beaten by a candidate who has not even shaved his head nor worn a suit, Wajackoyah has only wrapped his head yet I can see that he even has voted in Mandera,"

Mwaure concedes defeat

Mwaure had earlier conceded defeat ahead of the official announcement of Tuesday's presidential election results.

The presidential hopeful who has been trailing fourth in the presidential contest endorsed Kenya Kwanza's opponent William Ruto at a press conference in Nairobi on Sunday, August 14, 2022, after what he termed as wide consultations.

"We wish to concede defeat in the presidential elections in the republic of Kenya of the year 2022 with verification on going in Bomas. This we are doing after seeing what our performance has been, after deep discussions with our teams in Bomas and after consulting widely," Mwaure said.

The cleric-turned politician said the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party candidate has a better chance of clinching the seat.

"We have also with our teams been following the ongoing exercise at Bomas and indicate that the figures there are and have consistency and undoubtedly been in favour of William Samoei Ruto, the current deputy president of the republic of Kenya," he stated.

"As we concede we also endorse the winning friend and the person of his Excellency William Ruto and urge IEBC to be fervent in declaring his win when it's time to do so."

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