Pain after pension: DCI arrests man for allegedly conning lonely single women

By , K24 Digital
On Sun, 18 Jul, 2021 16:40 | 2 mins read
Fraud suspect Wycliffe Amakobe Omunga. PHOTO/DCI
Fraud suspect Wycliffe Amakobe Omunga. PHOTO/DCI

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have arrested one suspect who has been defrauding single vulnerable women going for retirement.

The fraudster- Wycliffe Amakobe Omunga is said to have been targeting lonely women who are about to receive their pension and conning them with fake promises.

In a statement issued by the DCI, Omunga dupes these women into starting a business with them then disappears with the cash.

"A man who has specialized in defrauding single vulnerable women who are on their way to retirement was yesterday arrested by detectives. Wycliffe Amakobe Omunga, targets lonely women who are about to receive their pension before showering them with sweet nothings and promises of a blissful retirement together."

" After being swept off their feet, the lovestruck women are duped into starting businesses with the con who then disappears with their entire savings leaving them heartbroken and desolate," part of the statement read.

Recently, a case reported to the detectives accused Omunga of disappearing with Ksh.780,050 after successfully conning a lady into starting a water refilling business together and later took off and switched off his phone.

"In one such instance, a woman who had just received Ksh 780,050 from a pension scheme was swindled the entire amount by the con. This is after she was tricked into a love affair with the man, who later advised her that they should jointly start a water refilling business.

Oblivious of his intentions, the woman gave him the money to start it and that marked the beginning of her woes. What started as a blossoming love story and a joint retirement venture ended in premium tears. The relationship immediately crumbled like a house of cards after the man disappeared with the entire amount."

Later, the lady managed to reach him, however, he claimed the money had been taken by an insurance company for failing to pay an unspecified debt.