Outrage in Migori after governor aspirant shelves political ambitions after residents contribute money for his campaigns

By , K24 Digital
On Thu, 17 Feb, 2022 17:04 | < 1 min read
Migori County secretary Christopher Rusana. PHOTO/COURTESY

Migori County secretary Christopher Rusana is on the spot after it emerged that he shelved his political ambitions to run for governorship after holding a fundraiser where he collected millions of shillings.

Locals now want the politician to return the money they had collected for him after dropping out of the political race. Rusana has, however, shown no interest to return the cash.

Rusana argues that he can not return the money because not of the residents who contributed to the fundraiser has approached him for a refund.

He further noted that he was not in a position to return all the money he had gotten noting that he had used part of it in the campaigns he had done before dropping out of the governor race.

The politician who has shown no interest in running for another political seat said that at the moment, his focus is to offer consultancy services to other political aspirants.

“I will actively participate in ensuring the county does not slip into bad leadership,” Rusana told a local radio station.

Residents say they got wind about Rusana dropping his governor bid after failing to resign from the public office on February 9, at a time when civil servants who were eyeing political seats resigned from their various government positions.

According to reports, instead of residing, Rusana is said to have signed another contract with the county government that would see him old office for three more years.

In May 2021, elders from the Suba community endorsed Rusana for the county’s top seat, an exercise that never sat well with some seasoned politicians from the region.

The politicians accused Rusana, a newcomer in politics, of using elders to escalate his political ambitions.