Oscar Sudi on the spot after offering to help man who stole wheelbarrow

By , K24 Digital
On Mon, 15 Nov, 2021 11:42 | 2 mins read
Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi. PHOTO/Courtesy
Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi. PHOTO/Courtesy

Barely two days after a man from Kangemi was arrested and charged before Kibera law courts over claims that he stole a wheelbarrow, Kasperet Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi has reached out promising to help him.

“Someone help me find this guy. I want to help him,” Sudi said.

However, his declaration has sparked mixed reactions among netizens who seem to applaud him for his kindness while a section of them criticize him because the stolen item was a wheelbarrow.

“What makes you think that you can help a thief who stole a wheelbarrow?” Bosire Andrew paused on Facebook.

“There are slot of needy people Kapseret constituency. Looking for cheap publicity,” Nelson Siele said.

“What further help do you want to offer when the post clearly states he has been arrested?” Wanjiru Kimemia paused. 

“Who is that somebody...n u see very well he is in cell.that somebody is police station.....go there,” Nancy Muthoni interjected. 

In the comment section, many condemned those throwing stones at Sudi saying they were mean and reckless since he only wanted to help a man who claimed that his wheelbarrow was taken away and confiscated by the NMS staff.

Nelson Ondieki, is said to have stolen the wheelbarrow valued at Ksh7000 from a businessman on October 8 in Kangemi area.

When Ondieki who was presented in court earlier this week pleaded guilty to stealing from a businessman who was using it to sell roasted maize.

The court heard that Ondieki had borrowed the wheelbarrow from his friend to use after he got a job to carry firewood in his neighborhood but allegedly disappeared with it until he was spotted by the complainant on November 4.

The prosecution stated that the complainant alerted members of the public who arrested Ondieki and handed him over to police.

In his mitigation, the accused Ondieki told the court that the wheelbarrow was confiscated by county askaris.

“I came across NMS staff who asked me where I was taking the items I was carrying on the wheelbarrow. They took away the wheelbarrow and I told the complainant the same but he did not believe me, he said that he did not want to see me," Ondieki said

Following his contradictory statement, Ondieki was released on Ksh7,500 by a Kibera court and alternatively granted a bond of Ksh, 200,000. The case will be mentioned on November 22.