Oklahoma Zoo in US names baby giraffe Njeri

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On Wed, 6 Oct, 2021 12:56 | < 1 min read
Oklahoma Zoo in US names a baby giraffe Njeri. PHOTO/TWITTER

Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden in the US has named one of its new giraffe calves a Kikuyu name- Njeri.

Taking to social media, the zoo, through their official Twitter page announced their choice of name with an explanation of its meaning.

"Here she is... Njeri! The OKC Zoo is thrilled to announce that its new giraffe calf has a name- Njeri which means warrior. We appreciate everyone who participated in our online contest to help name Julu's calf. Come see Njeri, Julu and the rest of the Zoo's giraffe herd soon!" the tweet read.

Reports indicate that the zoo conducted an online contest to engage the public into naming the giraffe calf, the second born in 2021 at the Oklahoma City Zoo.

Njeri, which they say means warrior, won the contest. The other names were Najuma, Acacia and Mosi.

Njeri was born on September 15 to her first-time mom, Julu to become the second born in the giraffe family members.

The firstborn in the family was born on June 3 and named Kioni to Julu’s mother, Ellie.

Oklahoma State is found in the South Central region of the United States bordered by Texas to the South, Kansas on the North and New Mexico on the West.