Obama’s cousin claims ex-US President abandoned them, accuses him of forgetting his kinsmen

By , K24 Digital
On Fri, 26 Nov, 2021 10:01 | < 1 min read
Obama's Cousin Razick Amuna.PHOTO/SCREENGRAB

The cousin to former US President Barack Obama claims that they did not receive any help from their American kin. 

The son of Mama Hawa Obama who died in the wee hours of Thursday night said his mother had huge expectations after Obama was elected President. 

“My mother used to sell charcoal in order to feed us never knowing that his brother (Barack Obama Snr) would sire a son who will be President,” Obama’s cousin said. 

“When Barack became President, my mother was very excited because she knew we would reap from his election. As her children we were also excited because we thought our days of suffering had come to an end,’ he added. 

The cousin further said that his mother who was the immediate sibling of Barack Obama Senior did not receive any assistance from his nephew. 

“My mother is the one who follows Barack Obama Senior. The expectations we had after Obama became President did not bear any fruits. It seems like Obama did not know that his aunt was unwell and residing in Oyugis, Kokal location,” the cousin said. 

The family says their patriarch had been ailing for quite some time after she suffered a stroke more than two years ago.

Hawa was admitted at Rachuonyo District Hospital for nine days before she was discharged last week.

Mama Hawa was laid to rest on Thursday at her home in Kokal village, Oyugis as dictated by the Islam religion.

Hawa was married to the late Senior Chief Magak Odek who died in 1993.