Obado’s case adjourned after his co-accused went into labour du**ng court proceedings

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On Thu, 18 Nov, 2021 16:05 | 2 mins read
Migori Governor Okoth Obado. [PHOTO | FILE]
Migori Governor Okoth Obado. [PHOTO | FILE]
Migori Governor Okoth Obado. [PHOTO | FILE]

The trial of the Ksh 73.4 million graft case against Migori Governor Okoth Obado, his four children and others has been adjourned to February next year after one of the suspects gave birth.

The trial magistrate Lawrence Mugambi while adjourning the case congratulated the suspect Carolyne Anyango Ochola saying, "a child is a blessing and the mother should be indulged by the court to nature the newborn."

Mugambi had excused the mother of the newborn last month when she developed labour pains during court proceedings.

The woman's plight was brought to the attention of the court by lawyer George Kithi who told the court to excuse his client who needed urgent hospital attention.

"My client has developed labour pains while in court and she needs urgent medical attention. I urge the court to indulge her to secure assistance otherwise this court may be turned into a maternity ward," Kithi said.

Mugambi excused Anyango and asked her to rush to the hospital since men do not understand that "condition" properly.

Shortly thereafter the accused strolled out of court holding her back in pain. She was taken to the hospital in a private vehicle.

When the case came up for hearing on Thursday, November 18, 2021, the good news of the newborn was relayed in court with a request to adjourn the case to enable the mother to nurse her bountiful blessing.

At the same time, the magistrate was also informed that Obado’s two daughters are also pregnant and required time not to attend physical court proceedings.

The court was urged to conduct virtual hearings to accommodate the new mother and Obado's expectant daughters Scarlet and Evelyne to avoid much travelling. following their condition.

The court however declined the request to have the two expectant mothers attend physical court hearings and directed that the two be examined at Kenyatta National Hospital and a report filed in court within a month.

Scarlet and Evelyne presented to court medical records from Migori Referral Hospital showing that they are both pregnant with one expected to deliver on or before February 5.

Mugambi however declined to allow the request and ordered a second examination conducted on the two by doctors from Kenyatta National Hospital and a report filed in court within a month.

The magistrate also directed the new examination to be conducted to Obado’s two daughters be done in conjunction with the office of DPP and EACC.

Mugambi further ordered that the trial against Obado, his children and 13 others to start fresh during the next hearing on February 28 next year following the new charges that were levelled against the accused persons over defrauding the county government at a total of Ksh 505.6 million.