Nyeri: Man killed on eve of daughter’s dowry payment

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On Sun, 14 Nov, 2021 16:21 | < 1 min read
Villagers forced to stop dowry ceremony preparations after a man was found dead in Nyeri. PHOTO/JAMES GICHUKI

Grief has hit Gathaithi village in Tetu Nyeri county after a 61 years old man was found murdered and his entire head skinned on the eve of his daughter's dowry payment.

The deceased Geofrey Ngatia Wanjau's body was discovered lying on the roadside a few metres from his home early today by school-going children.

His head skin had been peeled off in a shockingly bizarre incident that made the village activities come to a halt as curious villagers thronged the scene.

Back at his homestead women were busy preparing meals for his in-laws but that also came to a standstill as news of his death spread like bush fire.

According to area assistant chief John Waruru Ndirangu children were proceeding to Saturday tuition in the local primary school when they discovered his body.

"Children were going to school at around 6.30 am when they noticed his body. One rushed to his home and informed his family who came and positively identified him, I rushed to the scene it's a horrifying incident and has never been witnessed before, " Ndirangu said.

He said that before the murder which they suspect is a result of a land dispute the deceased dairy cow had been killed after being stabbed by unknown people.

"Earlier this man had suffered the wrath of some people, where he woke up and found his cow had been killed with several stabs. We suspect the same characters are the ones who came for him and this time they killed him but we are sure we will arrest them, " Ndirangu added.

Security agents were forced to stop angry mob who were baying for the blood of his suspected killers.

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