Nyeri: Eight on the run after robbing off driver, turnboy their lorry

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Crime scene tape used for illustration. PHOTO/Internet

Police have launched a manhunt for a gang that raided a lorry driver and his turnboy in Huku area of Narumoru, Nyeri County before fleeing with the lorry to an unknown destination.

Peter Mwangi who supplies sand is said to have received a request to supply seven lorries of sand from a man he was not familiar with, he then directed the unknown caller to his boss.

The two agreed that the sand will be supplied at the construction site.

On the day of the agreement, Mwangi called the client at 8:00 am to confirm the delivery but his call went unanswered. Later at 2:00 pm, the client called back informing him that he was in Kiganjo and that they should deliver the sand in the evening when he would have returned.

In the evening, the client failed to communicate prompting Mwangi to cancel the deal and drive back to Nyeri. On reaching Narumoru, the client called informing him that they meet.

The two met at the Toll area and headed to Kwa Huku area where the sand was to be delivered.

Upon their arrival at the site, Mwangi asked the client to show him where to offload the sand. Shortly, eight people armed with crude weapons emerged and started beating Mwangi and his turnboy.

"Immediately, eight people armed with crude weapons emerged and started beating them. They turned Mwangi and his turnboy on both hands, and mouths and blindfolded them before driving to an unknown destination,” the police report read in part.

Police tracked the vehicle and the signals indicated that the lorry was in Matanya area, Laikipia Central. However, a search conducted at the area was unsuccessful.

Officers are still tracking the lorry as investigations continue.

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