Numbness and loss of sight: Murang’a man ailing from mysterious illness now pleads for help

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On Thu, 16 Sep, 2021 19:11 | 3 mins read

A middle-aged man from Kiharu Murang’a who has been struggling with a strange illness is seeking help from medics to help identify and treat the disease.

Thomas Ngure has been suffering from what is believed to be periodic paralysis that keeps recurring.

Ngure says at the age of 11 years he started, experiencing numbness on his back and his hands and legs became so weak that he could not walk steadily.

In a span of three weeks, he was confined in bed after being hit by paralysis.

His parents sought medical attention from various hospitals but the medics could not diagnose what was ailing him.

He was only given drugs to relieve the numbness.

This forced him to cut short his education while in class five because he could not walk or do anything with his hands.

For a period of three years between 1989 to 1991, Ngure was confined to a wheelchair but in 1992, he ‘miraculously’ recovered from the paralysis and was able to walk again.

It took him one year to gain his stability and in 1993 he could run, jump and even play football.

Having dropped out of class for four years, Ngure opted to go to Nairobi to do business but he only did this for three years. In 1997, the paralysis struck again and he was forced to go back to his rural home.

“I started feeling numb at the back, my hands were gradually losing their grip and I could not walk steadily,” he said.

Efforts by the medics to resolve this mystery were futile and for the second time, Ngure was confined to a wheelchair for another three years.

“I had several scans done on my spine, the medics took a sample of spinal fluid which was taken to the laboratory but still the results didn’t reveal anything,” he said.

In 2000, he recovered and decided to go to Nairobi and start another business to be able to earn a living for himself.

All went well until in 2004 when the paralysis struck again for the third time and he was forced to go back home.

He said this time the condition was bad as he could not even turn in bed he had to be assisted.

In 2007, he lost his sight and he was required to get Sh500, 000 for a cornea transplant.

The family managed to raise Sh250, 000 and had the operation done on one eye.

After ten years of being confined to a wheelchair, he started recovering and was able to do several things such as washing and cooking on his own.

In 2016, he went back to Nairobi to look for casual jobs.

He worked for three years before the paralysis struck him for the fourth time in 2018.

To date, Ngure is still confined to a wheelchair and relies on his ageing mother to feed and bathe him.

The 42 years old man says the condition dimmed his dream to become a businessman which was his childhood dream.

He however says he is hopeful that one day he shall recover and get back to his normal life, have a family and run a business.

His mother Bilha Wanjiru said her son’s condition has been challenging to the family because it seems to have no cure.

The mother says Ngure depends on her for all his needs and she is not even able to go hunting for casual jobs leaving him behind.

She said any medical specialist who can help diagnose the problem of her son should come to their rescue and help treat him.

She, however, says she is hopeful that one-day Ngure will fully recover and lead his normal life just like other people.

You can help Ngure via his phone number; 0729781052 .

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