No Samburu man asked to marry me, Lesuuda tells rivals over husband choice

By Sammy Gichuki On Sun, 6 Sep, 2020 12:47 | < 1 min read
Naisula Lesuuda
Samburu West MP Naisula Lesuuda. PHOTO | COURTESY

Samburu West MP Naisula Lesuuda has urged her political competitors to focus their criticism on her development scored instead of her choice of marriage partner.

The MP accused aspiring politicians in Samburu West Constituency for resorting to personal attacks for dwelling on her choice to marry a man from a neighbouring county.

“I have been on the campaign trail with Samburu men, even to late hours, but none ever asked for my hand in marriage. That is why I found someone else to marry. My parents approved and he paid the dowry,” said the Samburu West lawmaker.

Lesuuda was speaking at a wedding and in response to criticism for settling for a husband who hails from Baringo County.

The MP said that her detractors were claiming that because of her marriage she will not vie in Samburu County in 2022.

“I completed my education to university level and also worked in this county as a nominated senator so the issue of saying that I will not vie for Samburu West during the next election does not scare me at all. I belong in this county,” said Lesuuda.

Lesuuda’s rivals for the Samburu West seat in the 2022 General Election include Daniel Lenolkrina, Raphael Lenaiyara, and Peter Lomondoni.

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