Nine questions Ruto wants IG Mutyambai to answer over Echesa scandal

By Joel Muinde On Wed, 19 Feb, 2020 15:36 | 2 mins read
Deputy President William Ruto at a past function. PHOTO|DPPS

Deputy President (DP) William Ruto has asked the Inspector-General (IG) of Police Hillary Mutyambai to investigate and identify the staff who facilitated the signing of a fake arms tender in his office.

In a letter written on Wednesday by his chief of staff, Mr. Ken Osinde, DP Ruto wants police to identify the security officers who allowed former Sports Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa and two foreigners to access his office.

“On Thursday, February 13, a Mr. Rashid Echesa entered the Deputy President’s waiting room at Harambee House Annex second floor and purportedly signed a ‘contract’ that is now a subject of the courts,” said Mr. Osinde.

DP Ruto outlined nine questions he wants the police to get answers on in Echesa’s Sh39 billion fake military tender.

In the letter, Mr. Osinde said that Mr. Echesa’s access to his office with the two foreigners constituted a serious breach of his security and demanded IG Mutyambai provides information on the following queries:

  1. How did Mr. Echesa in the company of others including foreigners access the DP’s office?
  2. How many people accessed the waiting room and which security officers facilitate the same?
  3. Establish the identity and mission of the persons who accompanied Mr. Echesa and their criminal record if any
  4. Establish the identity of the foreigners, their immigration status and their mission in Kenya and at DP’s office.
  5. Foreign affairs to facilitate the information on the cited foreigners and the profile of the companies they purport to represent.
  6. Ascertain who is Mr. Mustafa Mamdough Amer Lofty and Kozlowski Stanley Bruno
  7. Who are the other Kenyans with the foreigners and Mr. Echesa and what are their criminal records?
  8. Forensic investigation of Eco Advance Techonlogy LLC and who are the representatives in Kenya and the nature of the business they carry out.

Lastly, DP Ruto demanded that the foreigners who have implicated Mr. Echesa in the fake tender are restricted from leaving the country until investigations are done.

Dr. Ruto summoned his staff who are based at the Harambee House Annex to his official residence in Karen to shed light on the affairs that led to the arrest Mr. Echesa and his alleged accomplices.

The DP has been under pressure from a section of politicians who asked him to step aside to pave way for investigations.

But the DP distanced himself from the fake arms tender, saying he was nowhere near Harambee House Annex when Mr. Echesa took the foreigners to his office for the signing of ‘contracts’.

Mr. Echesa was charged alongside three other people with swindling foreigners of Sh11 million for the facilitation of the fake tender.

Detectives claimed that Mr. Echesa wanted to dupe the foreigners to part with Sh39 billion for the supply of the military hardware.

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