Nilisikia fununu ya jamaa fulani anaitwa Ochieng’ lakini akapotea – DP Ruto reveals his wish on daughter’s marriage

By , K24 Digital
On Tue, 13 Jul, 2021 11:15 | 2 mins read
DP Ruto and his daughter June Ruto. PHOTO: Courtesy

Deputy President Wiliam Ruto has opened up on his reaction upon learning that his daughter was set to get married to a Nigerian man.

His daughter June Ruto was married to a Nigerian, Alex Ezenagu, on May 27.

Speaking to Radio Jambo on Tuesday morning the DP revealed that he would have wished his daughter to get married to a Kenyan but at the same time said the matter was not for him to decide.

Ruto stated that he had earlier heard that his daughter was dating a man identified as Ochieng’ but he never got the chance to meet him for reasons best known to his daughter.

“Ningefurahia sana kama angepata jamaa mkenya lakini mungu ako na mpango yake. Nilisikia fununu ya jamaa Fulani hivi hivi anaitwa Ochieng lakini kidogo akapotea hivoo kabisaa (I would have been happy if he got a Kenyan but God has his plans. I had before that she had a boyfriend identified as Ochieng’ but unfortunately I was not lucky to meet him),” the DP said.

He further expressed hope that his remaining daughter will be married to a Kenyan at least to fulfil his wish.

On his advice to June, DP Ruto says he asked her to respect her husband and accept to be led by him.

He stated that marriage works when the wife submits to her husband and follows his guidance.

“Nilimuambia yeye na bwana yake hawako kiwango sawa katika ndoa. Nilimuambia kubali kuwa chini yake ili familia ijengwe (I advised her that she cannot be on the same level with the hubby in their marriage. I urged her to submit to her husband and accept to be led so that the marriage can succeed),” he revealed.

The DP also spoke of his marriage and family where he revealed that his wife Rachael Ruto has been instrumental in making the family united and successful.

He stated the wife is like an angel and her prayers have kept them going to the far they have reached as a family.